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Cherry Tomatoes cropping till Mid-November

I have a second windowbox on my kitchen windowsill measuring just 1m20 long x 20cm wide.
Over the Summer I’ve been able to harvest all of these on a regular basis:
‘Epicure’ Mint to put on my spuds and to make a gourgeous herbal tea.
Alpine strawberries, used as a tasty garnish to ice cream.
Basil, used in salads and made into pesto.
Cherry tomatoes, used in salads and for a sweet element with roasted veg.
Sage, makes a good, detoxing tea and great in pumpkin soup.
Rosemary, fry in olive oil, then dunk your toast in it – yum! (makes an interesting homemade wine too!)
For more ideas on how to actually use your fruit & veg. follow this link:

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