What veg to plant

Below are mini-guides as to what veg. to grow in your windowbox and how to grow it, with recommended cultivars that are known for their ease of growing, good flavour, size or hardiness. Simply click on the icon with the starting letter of your vegetable for details.





Asparagus needs a lot of space to roam and is therefore not really suited to growing in a windowbox.


Achocha is a weird, South American vegetable, that grows and looks rather like a cucumber. Its strange seeds, that look unpromisingly like bits of woodchip, grow quickly and the plants will need supporting either with a small trellis or larger plants. Harvest fruits young and mix in salads. Achocha is a tender plant and won't survive frosts.
Sow seed : 2cm deep, in pots indoors in late spring. Plant out in early Summer.


Aparagus Pea
An annual grown for its tasty pea pods, but also attractive for its feathery foliage and red-brown flowers. Prefers a sunny site in light, rich soil.
Sow seed: 4cm deep in mid-spring (indoors) or late spring (outdoors). Plant 25-30cm apart.

asparagus pea

Also known as African or Indian spinach, this annual can grow up to 60cm, with attractive tassle-like flowers. Its leaves can be used either in salads or cooked in the same way as spinach.
Enjoys a sunny, sheltered position in fertile, well-drained soil.
Sow seed : 2cm deep, 15cm apart in mid-late Spring
Varieties: Indian Spinach, Red Amaranth


Being a tender plant needing very warm growing conditions and lots of sun, aubergines are only worth planting in your windowbox if you treat them like bedding plants – planting out well-established plants when outside temperatures are above about 15oC. Soil should be fertile, well-drained and moisture retentive.
Sow seed: Thinly indoors in pots, just covering with potting compost in Spring. Germinate at 21oC – 30oC, grow on at 16oC
Varieties: Rima, Vernal