What veg to plant

Below are mini-guides as to what veg. to grow in your windowbox and how to grow it, with recommended cultivars that are known for their ease of growing, good flavour, size or hardiness. Simply click on the icon with the starting letter of your vegetable for details..






Kale is a staple for winter and spring harvesting and comes in a number of attractive varieties, but be sure to choose a dwarf variety for your windowbox! Some varieties can also be used for cut-and-come again salad. Seed can be sown in Spring and Summer, either directly in the ground or in modules. If your plants show signs of yellowing then give them a good dose of liquid feed or mulch.
Sow seed: 2cm deep, 60cm apart
Varieties: Afro



Otherwise known as Mustard Spinach, this is a broad group of leafy brassicas that can be eaten raw in autumn and winter salads or cooked in the same way as spinach. Does best in a rich soil in good sun.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 3cm apart in mid summer


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Kohl Rabi

An unusual, swollen stemmed brassica with a tasty, peppery taste. Happy growing in lighter, sandy soils, although it will grow in heavier soils. Sow seeds either direct (if temperatures above 10oC) or under cover, in mid-spring. Transplant seedlings before they are 5cm in height. Water well to encourage the stems to thicken. Harvest when about golf or tennis ball size.
Sow seed: 2cm deep, 23cm apart
Varieties: Kongo, Quickstar

kohl rabi