What veg to plant

Below are mini-guides as what veg. to grow in your windowbox and how to grow it, with recommended cultivars that are known for their ease of growing, good flavour, size or hardiness. Simply click on the icon with the starting letter of your vegetable for details..





Land Cress

Similar to watercress, but suited to dry land, Land (American or Upland Cress as it is otherwise known as) makes a useful addition to salads from mid summer right through to early spring. Can also be used as a cut-and-come again crop.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 15cm apart from mid spring to late summer

land cress


Various cultivars of leek are available to allow for harvesting from late summer through to early spring. They do best in a deep, rich soil, though should also perform OK in a windowbox.
Sow seed: 3cm deep in early to mid spring or sow in modules indoors over winter and transplant from mid-spring. Plant lower than original soil level in module.
Varieties: Jolant, Longbow, Mammoth Blanch, Toledo, Upton



The backbone of many a spring and summer salad, lettuce varieties are basically either heart forming or not. They can have various leaf shapes and come in different shades of green and red. Lettuces will do best in a fertile, moisture-retentive soil in sun.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 15cm – 35cm (depending on variety) from early spring (indoors) to early autumn (outdoors)
Varieties: Little Leprechaun (Red, Mini-Lettuce), Avondefiance (Butterhead), Corsair (Cos), Lakeland (Crisphead), Lollo Rossa (Leafy)


Butterhead type



(Lollo Rossa)