What veg to plant

Below are mini-guides as to what veg. to grow in your windowbox and how to grow it, with recommended cultivars that are known for their ease of growing, good flavour, size or hardiness. Simply click on the icon with the starting letter of your vegetable for details..





Mustard Greens

Another oriental brassica with a peppery, cabbagey flavour. Requires a deep, fertile, moisture-retentive soil in sun.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 15-30cm apart from late spring to late summer
Varieties: Green in Snow, Sheurifong Improved



Bought either as ‘sets’ (ie. small onions) or grown from seeds, onions require a free-draining, sandy soil in sun to do best. Various cultivars are available, with yellow, brown or red skinned, some of which are better for storing than others.
Sow seed: 2cm deep in early/mid Spring, thin or plant sets at 2.5cm – 10cm apart
Varieties: Buffalo, Sonic (seed), Centurion, Sturon (sets)