What veg to plant

Below are mini-guides as to what veg. to grow in your windowbox and how to grow it, with recommended cultivars that are known for their ease of growing, good flavour, size or hardiness. Simply click on the icon with the starting letter of your vegetable for details..






A tangy brassica, that makes a good garnish on it’s own or mixed in with other salad crops to give some real ‘bite’. Rocket can soon run to seed, especially during dry weather, so you might want to consider doing successive sowings. Ideal conditions are a moisture-retentive soil in a sheltered and semi-shaded position.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 15cm apart from mid spring to early autumn
Varieties: Wild and Turkish Rocket – both good and slightly different flavours



Radishes are available as summer varieties (being small, round, cylindrical or pointed), whilst winter varieties are larger and turnip-like. Summer radishes can be eaten raw in salads, whilst the larger, winter radishes can be cooked in the same way as Swede. Oriental Mooli radishes incidentally can be grown as per winter radishes.
Grow preferably in sun, and fertile, moist soil.
Sow seed: 1cm deep, 1cm (summer varieties) or 23cm (winter varieties) apart from early to late spring (summer varieties), or mid to late summer (winter varieties)
Varieties: Cherry Belle, Scarlet Globe (Summer varieties), Black Spanish Round, Munchen Bier


Runner Bean

Runners grow up to about 3m and are therefore not suited for windowbox growing.

runner bean